Gothams Joker Review


The Joker on Gotham was revealed last night, albeit a very young, pre-Batman Joker. First off, I must say I’m impressed! Monaghan’s delivery was spot on. The characteristic lack and complete disregard for empathy was there. The unreasonable brutality, and seemingly reason less need for killing were all present, as was the sudden viciousness under an almost harmless looking facade. And most importantly: the laugh. Cameron Monaghan gave a Jack Nicholson vibe to his acting.

However I’m not sure I’m sold on this version of The Joker just yet. I know this sounds contradictory, so let me explain. While Monaghan’s deliver was great, I’m not so positive about the direction the show is taking the character.

Part of what makes The Joker who he is, is his anonymity. For example, Ledger’s Joker was made that much more frightening by his lack of origin. Nobody knew who he was, where he came from, what he wanted, nor what drove him. By giving him a back story, and an inconspicuous name (Jerome), the character is demystified in my opinion. The Joker has always been shrouded in mystery, it’s part of his allure. To remove that is a bold step by Fox.

To be fair, we only got about a five minute glimpse of the Joker so what Gotham writers intend to do with the character is anybody’s guess at this point. All things considered, I think the Joker was a complete success.

What were your thoughts on the Joker? Did you think Cameron Monaghan pulled it off correctly?

  • veeru789

    I didn’t see the show, but even jack Nicholson’s Joker had an origin story. I think it depends on who is playing the character. having an origin doesn’t necessarily make Joker less frightening.

    • undbiter65

      Well get to watching!