Gotham Gets a Trailer for Spring Premier

Gotham inches closer to Batman

Ok, I admit it. I’ve fallen behind on Gotham. Apparently way behind. Really though, this show has shocked me. What started out as a rather boring television show to play in the background while doing other things, actually turned into a pretty decent show.

Relatively annoying Batman villains The Penguin and The Riddler have taken on a life that I would have never expected. The Penguin is a completely different take on the character than anything I’ve ever seen before, and the actor Robin Taylor dwarfs every other incarnation. The Riddler played by Cory Michael Smith, has the physical characteristics which we’ve come to expect from the Riddler, and yet adds a whole new level of psychosis. Oddly enough, both of these typically throwaway characters completely overshadow Gotham’s version of the Joker.

And now that I’m sad that I’ve fallen behind. And watching the trailer for this spring’s season premier has me realizing I have no idea what is going on. None at all. But one thing is for certain, we’re getting much closer to the dawn of Batman and Catwoman!