Get Your Zombie Fix With Z Nation!


If you’re anything like me, there’s one TV show that you’re counting down the days until it returns. And October just isn’t coming fast enough! So, as I wait for Walking Dead to return, I find myself watching a bunch of junk TV. Junk TV being of course, all those TV shows that don’t have Zombies in them. There needs to be more Zombies. The undead would liven up so many series! Just imagine, Big Z Theory, where the hijinks come from the room mates have to keep Sheldon from eating their brains! Or if the Parks they never actually build in Parks and Recreation are fenced in with Zombies trying to get inside. I can only dream right?

Thankfully, SyFy is coming to the rescue with a new series premiering Sept 12th! Set three years after the zombie outbreak, the survivors in this series have a mission, to travel cross country to get a survivor with an immunity to the virus to a lab where they can hopefully cure the virus and save the human race. We viewers will be hoping that they don’t find any shortcuts.

The cast includes a few actors I’m glad to see back on my Television. Harold Perineau (Lost, The Matrix) as the group’s leader, DJ Qualls (The New Guy, Supernatural) is probably the most recognizable, and probably the one you would least expect to survive the zombie apocalypse. It’s no slouch cast, and the preview looks great! Just imagine, having two zombie series to watch every week? Sharpen your machetes, there are good times ahead!


image via Syfi

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