Game of Thrones’ Fans to be on Their Tip-Toes


George RR Martin has recently said a an award banquet in San Diego honoring him. That fans of the show “will be on the tips of their toes through out the entire 5 season.

The show is going to deviate from the books.  He also said major characters are going to meet their maker that has not died in the books.

This leaves many fans wondering who going to leave this beloved show.  Martin also said at this banquet that this season will be much bloodier and more horrific deaths than he could even write about.

Leave us your thoughts about this subject?  Tell us who you think head is on the writers chopping block.

  • Trev

    Excellent! Now those book snob friends of mine can keep their mouth shut about “knowing” what’s coming next! lol
    My favorite aspect of Game of Thrones is knowing that no character is safe.

    • undbiter65

      Martin is a genius. The books are so damn well written. I don’t like the show following its own line