Frank Miller: “I can’t watch a Batman movie….I walk out of the theater before it’s over…”

Excerpt from The Dark Knight Returns
Excerpt from The Dark Knight Returns

Frank Miller: the man, the legend. Legendary comic book writer and artist. The man created some amazing comics as well as some of the best story arcs for already established characters. You could start with: Ronin, Daredevil: Born Again, The Dark Knight Returns, Sin City and 300. Many of his tales have been adapted into feature films and he has even written a few scripts as well. When a man with these accolades goes on to talk negatively about what’s largely considered to be the best (so far) adaptation of Batman on the big screen, it definitely stirs up the pot. See below what the controversial writer said (a warning to Nolan fans, this may sting!):

PLAYBOY: There’s a consensus that Daredevil and Elektra, two movies adapted from comics you wrote, were lousy. Do you agree with that opinion?

MILLER: When people come out with movies about characters I’ve worked on, I always hate them. I have my own ideas about what the characters are like. I mean, I can’t watch a Batman movie. I’ve seen pieces of them, but I generally think, No, that’s not him. And I walk out of the theater before it’s over.

PLAYBOY:Does that include the Christopher Nolan Batman movies?

MILLER:It includes all of them. I’m not condemning what he does. I don’t even understand it, except that he seems to think he owns the title Dark Knight. [laughs] He’s about 20 years too late for that. It’s been used.

PLAYBOY: Nolan’s last two Batman movies each grossed more than $1 billion worldwide. Does any of that money make its way to you?

MILLER: No. If money’s owed me, I wouldn’t put it on him or any other author. To be sitting here whining and mewling and puking about that sort of thing…let other people do that.

PLAYBOY: A lot of Dark Knight readers think you love Batman and hate Superman. Any truth to that?

MILLER: The Dark Knight series is all from Batman’s point of view. But if you look at Dark Knight 2, you’ll see a Superman who’s much calmer than the one in the first Dark Knight. Batman and Superman are dead opposites. I love Superman. Do I love Batman more? They’re not people. They’re only lines on paper.

Ouch! As we’ve already mentioned, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will be heavily influenced by Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, how do you think the author will react? What are your thoughts on Frank Miller’s words?

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