Updated: Wonder Woman Poster & Trailer

It’s finally here, promotional materials for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. Viewers of the Batman v Superman movie will recall that the one redeeming moment of that travesty of a movie was centered on Wonder Woman. Let’s hope that Wonder Woman makes up for the evil done by Batman v Superman.

Already from the poster, there’s hope. Instead of dark and dreary we are seeing something that we didn’t see previously. Color. And lots of it. We also do not see Gal Gadot’s face, or much of it. And well, the rest of the poster almost makes that ok, but she has a very nice face that I wouldn’t have minded seeing. This is a little sad to see, as DC has always been more about the costume than the character, and this poster seems to show them still using that method.

Let’s hope in this movie, we see more of her in costume, and fighting like the Amazonian she is, instead of attending dinner parties. No one needs dinner parties. I for one am also hoping that we can make it through the movie without seeing a sad depressing Batman, or some guy dressed like Superman that let’s millions die around him while not caring.

Good luck DC, after that last movie, you’ll need it.



Update: What’s better than a poster? How about a movie trailer? Watch it below!