Final Fantasy XV Universe Trailer – Square Enix

Square Enix has released a Final Fantasy XV Universe trailer. The trailer brings together all the elements that make up the game universe. It includes the upcoming movie Kingsglaive, the Brotherhood anime series and the tie in pinball mobile game Justice Monster Five. The movie weaves together the complexities of the war among the kingdoms that set the stage for the main Final Fantasy XV. The all-star cast has Sean Bean (The Lord Of The Ring and Game Of Thrones) as Regis, King of Lucis who has sworn to protect the kingdom, Lena Heady (300 and Game Of Thrones) as Luna, the princess who is entrusted to deliver the royal ring of Lucis to Prince Noctis and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) as Nyx. This title will release digitally world-wide before the game launch on September 30th. Click here  to check out the rest of the Final Fantasy XV elements. For more information visit the official website . In the mean time take a look at the Final Fantasy XV universe trailer below.


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