E’s 3: Geek Outs

The essence of geek is the obsessive need to have/do/study/collect all you can about whatever it is you love. We call that “geeking out.” I believe that everyone is a geek. You could love movies, sports, Pokémon, fitness, collective vintage cookie jars… whatever floats your boat, as they say. So, for this first post in my newly christened series “E’s 3” — I will be encouraging the collective geeks out of you, dear readers, as I share the top 3 things that I geek out about…

Wash from Whedon's "Firefly" hangs out on my desk at work with me and Yoda. He's even got his dinosaurs: Grr Argh.
Wash from Whedon’s “Firefly” hangs out with me and Yoda. He’s even got his dinosaurs: Grr Argh.

1. Joss Whedon: If his name doesn’t ring a bell perhaps the names Buffy, Serenity, or Avengers might. This man does it all. He started as a comedy writer in Hollywood, and eventually became the god of the geeks. He does writing, directing, composing, producing, even a little side acting; and he works in film, TV, and comics. Joss is amazingly talented, known for the dry wit that he infuses into everything as well as his true-to-life turn of events and character development. His stories may live in the fantastic and supernatural, but he always tries to keep his characters grounded in the reality of the world he’s given them. His attention to this arc of development is likely the main reason I’ve yet to see anything he produces and not fall in love with it. Currently I’m #RewatchingBuffy (Buffy, the Vampire Slayer) for the 5#7*!:68th time, and I still get amazed at the depth in those moments.

2. Tabletop Gaming: If you’ve read my previous primer, you may remember that I’ve been playing games since I was a kid. I used to play card and word games with my Gram, and my older brother and I used to rock out some Monopoly and Battleship if the mood struck. There really is something endearing and entertaining about gathering around a table with friends and family and forgetting the world a bit as we all laugh and game together. The hardest part of gaming is finding the right people to game. My solution? Online. I’ve used Hangouts, Skype, and yes BlackBerry Blend to connect with other tabletop gamers all over the world to play. Just last night, I played Cards Against Humanity with some great BBM friends in another timezone. It was fabulous.

10316110783_f1e6c97a05_b3. Cookie Monster: Ok. Bear with me on this one, because when you think about it… Cookie Monster is pretty freaking fabulous. First… he’s hilarious. I mean have you seen his geek-infused unboxing videos? Not only that, he’s done some incredible vocabulary/character building lessons with Loki (Oh, Hiddles…) AND Gandalf. Cookie has become the ambassador for social/emotional health on Sesame Street. Furthermore, Cookie seems to be a geek magnet, and I appreciate his humor, character, and monstrous love of my favorite snack: cookies. Anytime I’m down or having a bad day, all I need to do is fall into a Cookie Monster wormhole on YouTube, and I’m sorted.

There’s tons more that I love to geek out about; that’s just the top three! So, tell me fellow geeks and readers: what do YOU geek out about? Do you share any of mine, or do you have your own?

Share your top three “geek outs” in the comments!


E is a long time blogger about a great and many things people overlook. She likes to connect the dots, fit the pieces together, and showcase the overshadowed... oh, and she likes cookies.

  • undbiter65


    1. Comics( movies, novels and of course graphic novels)
    2. Gaming!
    3. Music. (from indie folk to some heavy metal)

    My three obsessions and I’m very vocal about them. I geek out HARD!

    • E

      Nice list! I’m a huge music nerd too…

  • james pisano

    Great article E! And interesting definition of “geek,” although I’m having a hard time separating the term from more traditional “nerdy” pursuits and applying it to sports or other things.

    I guess I geek out about music, longboarding, and nature.

    • E

      It’s a common assumption. Geeks are normally thought of as an offshoot of nerdy, but in our new and social media culture the world can geek out together about a myriad of things. We’re able to find and learn and do on a much broader sense. So, we’re all able to let our geeky obsessions fly!