The Emoji Movie Teaser

If you’ve been waiting for a teaser for The Emoji Movie, well, here it is.

Some times you think, is this really what we’ve come to? Well, it is. And it is The Emoji Movie.

Gene, voiced by T.J. Miller is an emoji with a problem. He emotes too much. You see, in he world of Textopolis, everyone is assigned a specific function. Gene is supposed to be a Meh emoji, like his father, Steven Wright (who is the star of the first teaser), but Gene just has too many emotions.

This makes Gene…. ah… really, who cares? I’m sure hijinks will ensue, there may be a funny line or two, and time will be wasted. There’s really only one Emoji that I think fits the concept of this movie.

This one.


Watch the trailer below, oh, and it hits theaters Aug 4th 2017. I’ll be washing my hair that day.