Defenders Trailer Breakdown

Check out the latest from Neflix and Marvel.

Netflix released a trailer for their new series Defend based on Marvel’s Defenders. The video is set to Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” which Kurt Cobain said the meaning of the song refers to how the outside perceives another person rather than knowing who they really are.

This is playing into the the whole super hero genre where they have secret identities to protect their love ones, but their true selves are the superhero.

The video starts off with a peeling of newspaper articles and posters in a collage. The first makes mention of the Devil which refers to Daredevil. The words from the song “Come As You Are” meaning be yourself. Daredevil is still trying to find out who he really is. He is torn between the public lawyer and the the crime fighting vigilante.


Then the next image we see being torn is the Alias Investigation sign and reveals a purple camera lens. Referring to Jessica Jones private investigation firm . The purple camera lens depicting how Jessica views the world as a voyeur . Always have some kind of glass barrier between her and the world she perceives. Then the camera lens is torn away to a drawing of a split whiskey glass and the next set of words “as you were” referring to Jessica’s alcoholism and her past. Dealing with her past is a main theme of the show.


We next see Property of Seagate Prison and pans up to a bullet holed fabric which refers to Luke Cage. Seagate Prison is where Luke Cage received his powers and the bullet holed fabric hints to being bulletproof which we saw in the latest Luke Cage trailer and the fabric looks very similar to the black hoodie. The next set of words “as I want you to be.” Luke does not want to be a hero, but the public (Harlem) needs him to be their

The next thing we see is the words handwritten Who is Danny Rand?…. and an image of a dragon. The very same image is the tattoo Iron Fist has on his chest. Who is Danny  Rand could be the running theme for the upcoming Iron Fist Netflix series .The words “as a friend, as a friend” are said twice referring to the Heroes for Hire , Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.13725544_1631014937139155_183616839_n

We the hear the voice of Stick (played by Scott Glenn) “How are you going to save the world, when you can’t even save yourself”. While we hear these words we see papers being stripped away revealing a hand with the words “Defend.” Each letter resemble different cutouts to make the word. Behind the image of the hand with Defend is a picture of a city. The meaning could be a challenge to the Heroes to join up and save the city.marvel-s-netflix-trailer-reveals-that-the-defenders-are-so-dysfunctional-that-they-can-t-e-1068144

The hand refers to the possible villains the group will face The Hand. A secret ninja organization that was revealed in Daredevil season 2.

The word “Defend” has some meaning also. The two D’s are from Daredevil comics, both from separate era’s. The F is from Iron Fist. The second E is from Luke Cage and the N is Jessica Jones. But the first E doesn’t belong to the four. This may be Netflix other series that is coming, The Punisher. We could see Frank Castle make a appearance on the show. punisher-daredevil

The show will make it’s appearance in 2017. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.




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  • Bastakiatavich

    Great breakdown! Netflix has done very well with DD and JJ, cannot wait for the remaining to be available!