Deadpool May Show His Pretty Face in Logan

Marvel planning ahead…

Rumors have surfaced that Deadpool recently filmed a scene for the upcoming latest in Wolverine’s story. Hugh Jackman is working on his newest chapter about the peoples’ favorite X-Men. The story portrays an older, world-worn Logan (Wolverine’s human identity).

The first official trailer for Logan came out in October, and teases a much more heartbreaking side of Marvel’s heroic identity. The story shows Logan as a caregiver, first of an ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and later of a young (mutant?) child.

How does Deadpool fit in? It’s possible his scene is one of Marvel’s now expected post-credit easter eggs meant to tease Marvel’s future film plans. Either way, I’d love to see Wolverine take on Reynolds’ wittier version of the “merc with a mouth.”

Check out the original trailer for Logan below.




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