Deadpool 2 Officially Confirmed By 20th Century Fox

At the CinemaCon (Comic Con for theatre owners), 20th Century Fox had confirmed Deadpool 2. It also reserved the dates for October 6th 2017 or January 12th 2018 for Deadpool 2 launch. Besides the return of the star Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller, both writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are back as well. At the end of post credit on Deadpool movie, there was a hint of Cable the mutant will  be feature in the sequel. It did not take long for 20th Century Fox to confirm the sequel for the runaway success box office hit that take in $750 million world-wide. What is astounding with this film is it only cost the studio $58 million to make. Given the R-rated status that cut off  a lucrative young market, minus 3D IMAX and IMAX ticket sales and to top it off excluded from the hot market in China due to a ban from the country. It is expected Deadpool 2 will follow the same path and focus on the character driven plot that the audience had responded positively. For the original principle cast to be so quick to inked a deal, one can expect the increase of not only the base salary certainly percentage of the box office collected. Certainly well deserved by all involved. So are you excited to see Deadpool 2?


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