Cliff Curtis Cast As Lead In Walking Dead Spinoff


You may not know the name, but you know the face, Cliff Curtis, previously seen in movies such as The Last Airbender, Live Free or Die Hard, and television series such as Gang Related, has recently been cast as the male lead in The Walking Dead spintoff.

The spinoff, filming under the name Cobalt will follow a separate band of survivors, living in the same apocalyptic zombie filled universe as Rick and Darrel’s merry band of walker-slayers. According to leaked character descriptions it appears that Curtis’ character, along with his teenage son will meet up with a mother and her teenage son and daughter, and a bohemian type woman. With what we know of The Walking Dead, more characters will surely follow, and none of these are safe.

It does appear that this series is taking a different route. Whereas Rick’s group has turned in to a well oiled killing machine, with near military discipline, this series seems to be aiming for more of a surrogate family feel.

The Walking Dead is really my only must see TV. I love the idea of a spin-off developed and created by the same team behind TWD. Currently stuck in the middle of a mid-season hiatus, I’m dreaming of a day that I can get my zombie fix weekly, so here’s hoping that this new band of survivors can grab the same ratings that the original group has. But if it doesn’t, I’ve got a great series finale idea for Robert Kirkman. Simply have the new band cross over with the old band, and accidently kill Carl. The old band will take care of the rest.


source: ScreenRant