Chuck Palahnuik Hollywood’s Next Great Storyteller

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Most know of Chuck Palahniuk for the movie Fight Club. A film starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, the film quickly became a cult hit,making Palahniuk writings popular overnight. Palahniuk is known for his satirical, dark comedy writing that sends your mind into madness in the most enjoyable way.

He has two more novels that are now in production. 1999’s Survivor is being made into a television series and 2003’s Lullaby will both be coming to the big screen.

Survivor is about a man named Tender Branson who hijacks a plane and tells his life story to the plane’s black box. A tale of how he became the inspirational media leader of the Creedish Church which is also a death cult committing mass suicide across the world .

Lullaby which started out as a KickStarter project and has already received over $400,000 in pledges. The plot of Lullaby is about a reporter who covers a story about mysterious S.I.D.S (Sudden Infant Death). Having loss his wife and child to the mysterious phenomenon, he realizes the cause was from a book that contained an African chant called the Culling Song. Then the song is read, the listeners would die. Knowing this power takes him on a nightmarish journey to get rid of all of the books. The problem is that others who have found out the secret of the Culling Song are getting in his way.

Early this year Chuck released the graphic novel Fight Club 2 ,which is getting fantastic reviews. Palahniuk is finally getting recognize for his storytelling of lunacy and madness . He has already had  two of his novels adapted to movies Fight Club and Choke. More will be reported as information comes.



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