Castlevania Series Coming to Netflix

Castlevania coming to Netflix.

The end of last year marked 30 years since the cult-favorite Castlevania game debuted. Produced by gaming icon, Konami, and originally released on the NES, the 2D side scroll game follows a vampire hunter through the dungeons and castles as he battles his way to defeat Dracula.

The game brings elements from horror and RPG gaming, has some loved hack-and-slash flair, and epitomizes the action adventure of 80s games. This new series will focus on the plot of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, which is actually a prequel to the original game. So, it would seem they are beginning at the beginning.

Helmed by Adi Shankar, the animated series will be certainly have violence, gore, and be adult themed. The first two seasons (yes, the series has already been greenlit for two seasons) are written by Warren Ellis, an English graphic novelist and author with credits that include a host of Marvel titles.

There is no official date set for season one’s release, but it is a part of Netflix’s 2017 lineup so fans won’t have to wait long.



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