Buffy Cast Reunites!…Mostly

The Scoobies are back, as Buffy the Vampire Slayer Cast reunites for the 20th anniversary.

Recently, I posted about the Buffy anniversary, and fangirled all over the place about celebrating this milestone. I wasn’t the only one, as Entertainment Weekly saw fit to gather the Scoobies together to discuss, reveal, and commiserate about the show that helped define a genre and empower a generation.

In an incredible reunion special, Entertainment Weekly took [almost] all the main castmates across the seasons and sat down to talk about the show that helped solidify and develop many of their careers. While castmates like Seth Green and Michelle Tractenberg had established careers leading up to their times on Buffy, other actors like David Boreanaz and Allison Hannigan were able to build upon the foundation Buffy helped them create with their successes in Bones and How I Met Your Mother. Show creator, Joss Whedon, also opened up about is inspirations and influences.

The reunion was missing one key element of Buffy’s crew: the actor who portrayed her Watcher, mentor, and father-figure, Giles. Anthony Stewart Head could not get away from his current gig on stage. However, the Watcher lore was well-represented by Alexis Denisof who played Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. Denisof and Hannigan are now married with a little Scooby gang of their own.

Check out the full photo shoot from Entertainment Weekly, and watch the reunion special.

Buffy Reunion
Buffy The Vampire Cast Reunion Shoot (2017)




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  • Scot Henk

    Cool stuff. We watch Bones because of David Boreanaz. Just like we watched Castle because of Nathan Fillion.