BREAKING: Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman Revealed!

First Look at The Warrior Princess!
First Look at The Warrior Princess!

A year ago today, Batman V. Superman was announced at last year’s Comic Con and most of us were expecting some sort of news for the upcoming movie. The historic picture of Israeli actress as Wonder Woman finally hit the web, and we’ve got to admit it looks pretty solid. Zack Snyder maintains a sexiness factor that fanboys demand in their Wonder Woman while still attempts to give the outfit a look of “realism” (hence the armored look of the suit).

Many naysayers believed the actress was “too skinny” to appropriately portray the Warrior Princess (of course, these were the same naysayers who were decrying Ben Affleck as Batman until pictures of him suited up hit the web. It’s safe to say Affleck’s bandwagon is quickly filling up). I, for one, love the look Snyder and Wilkinson decided to go with Wonder Woman and hope the same turnaround in opinion that happened with Affleck happens with Gal Gadot. The aforementioned picture debuted today at Comic Con.

What do you think? Great look or complete miscast?

(Photo Credit: WB/DC)

  • Spade

    Needs some color…

  • veeru789

    complete miscast

    • undbiter65

      May I ask why you think this?