BREAKING: Dwayne Johnson to play Black Adam in ‘Shazam’ Film!!

For a while now Dwayne Johnson has been teasing a DC role. He teased John Stewart (green lantern), Shazam, and Black Adam. Many sites have speculated heavily on what role he would be playing. Today, finally, The Rock himself has laid those rumors to rest. It is official, Dwayne will be the villain in the upcoming DC film, Shazam.

The news doesn’t end there either, Variety is reporting Darren Lemke (Jack The Giant Slayer) will be scripting the film. Personally, I believe this is great news. Though I don’t have a particular opinion on director Darren, I do believe for DC to compete with Marvel on a cinematic level Dc has to release several movies per year as Marvel does. This feat will only be achieved if several writers and directors are hired. While I am a huge fan of what Zack Snyder and David Goyer have done so far, if they took to making every single DC movie they would never be released quick enough.

A new age for DC’s cinematic universe is upon us.

What are your thoughts on the casting of Dwayne Johnson? Do you believe Darren has the wherewithal to give us the Shazam film we deserve?

  • Bastakiatavich

    So I read this headline aloud at work, one of my co-workers actually asked me if they were making a movie out of a music – recognition app. Tragic.

    • undbiter65

      Lmao! *facepalm* I hope you didn’t murder him 😛 lol

    • veeru789

      LOL…bring him to UTB Geek. lets sharpen his Geeknowledge

  • Bastakiatavich

    Public humiliation worked 🙂