Ben Affleck Confirmed To Star And Direct Stand Alone Batman Movie – Warner Bros Pictures.

Zack Snyder had said as much that he wanted Ben Affleck to take the helm of directing a Batman movie before the launch of Batman V Superman : Dawn Of Justice. The ball has always been on Ben Affleck court to sign on. I am sure it was just paper work among the lawyers on both side to go through the fine prints crossing the t’s and dot the i’s before the stamp of Batfleck approval. This week Warner Bros. Pictures CEO and Chairman Kevin Tsujihara confirmed at the CinemaCon in Las Vegas announced there are 10 DC movies plan for the next 5 years adding “We’re excited to be working with Ben Affleck on a standalone Batman film.”

Ben Affleck is now in the post production phase of his next directorial project Live By Night, a film about prohibition-era gangster that expected to release on October 2017. Between post production duty and shooting on the Justice League movies, The stand alone Batman movie Affleck is going to direct and star in won’t be expected to shoot until the middle of 2017. Which could mean the movie will be expected to release between October 2018 and November 2019. It should be noted the rumor of Ben Affleck involve with Batman movie had started since last summer. At the time Ben already develop a script with DC Comics COO Geoff Johns. Since then word had it that a draft of the script had already been completed. That is a lot of productions involvement and commitment for Ben Affleck. Both Warner Bros. Pictures and DC certainly have a lot of confidence in Ben Affleck. I sure hope he did a way better job than Zack Snyder. It should help in terms of focus story telling for a stand alone movie. What say you? Batfleck or Badfleck?


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