Batman V Superman: Batmobile Designer Shares Concept Art & Inside Secrets.

Patrick Tatopoulos is the production designer behind Batmobile in the upcoming Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice. The name and that face should be familiar to some of you who watch Face Off  the special effect make-up contest reality show. He served as one of the judges in a few season of the series. If you look at the list of the movies he has a hand in designing , you should not be surprise he is one of the most sought after production designer in Hollywood. His list of works include Independence Day, I Am Legend, Stargate,Underworld,I Robot,Godzilla,Spawn, Pitch Black and the list goes on and on. Here he share an in-depth look into the design of Batmobile that Ben Affleck is driving in his Batman role. Check out the featurette below.


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