It’s Back to the Well with The Cult of Chucky

Are you looking for another rehash of an old story? Well here we go again.

Originality seems to be in short demand in Hollywood anymore. Why tell a new story when you can tell one that’s been told many times before? Sometimes, you get a winner. Let’s hope the upcoming Cult of Chucky is one of those winners.

A new teaser trailer has arrived for the newest installment of the Child’s Play franchise. The trailer is predominantly (heck, possibly all) footage from the prior movies, so good luck figuring out what the next movie will be.

I have a guess though, we’re coming up quickly on the 30th anniversary of the original Child’s Play film. What better way to celebrate than another movie?

Personally, I loved the original, and hated the sequels. It’s definitely not a film I’ve gone back and watched over and over, and I would prefer to have the good memories I have instead of take a chance of ruining them with a movie that probably didn’t age well. Let’s hope that this newest movie is a worthwhile anniversary gift to one of the creepiest dolls ever made.