Avengers VS Justice League : The Worlds Collide – Shawn Nider

Youtuber Shawn Nider is putting many of the comic fans thought into montage of what if two comic super hero screen worlds collide. He is using television series The Flash theory of mulitverse, parallel universe, a breach or a portal  that make these characters crossover possible. After all both Avengers, X-Men are running out of super bad villains, they are fighting among themselves. Justice League will face the same dilemma soon. Where else will the franchise go if not to cross over each other universe? You can already hear the debate about who will fare better against who or who is better match up going up against the other. Just imagine Captain America take a shine on Wonder Women and if you think Batman can’t get any moodier. Ant-Man versus Atom versus Iron Man. Superman versus Thor or Stark Industry versus Wayne Enterprise versus Palmer Tech. It does not even have to strictly DC versus Marvel, certain characters will certainly get well across the two comic universe. The combination is endless. If the studio, executive producers and directors would put their egos aside, what would you want to see on the next super hero movie franchise? After all it was the fans that got Deadpool movie possible. So what’s your combo? Sound off at the comment section.


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