Arrow-The Legend of Yesterday. Spoiler alert!


Hello fellow geeks. My name is Barry Allen I always wanted to do that. I’m that hyperactive child a kindergarten teacher(Brad) promise to set aside some time to let me vent if I behave. I’m just a television nerd who spend way too much time giggling to myself at the sight of super heroes taking down the super villains. So here I go.

Previously Team Flash and Team Arrow got together to save Hawkgirl from Vandal Savage and his staff. More like Barry and Cisco just drop Kendra at the door step of Team Arrow without as much of an invitation. At the end of the episode, Oliver Queen instinctively concluded the child he bumped into was his son, William. In another comic universe, Oliver Queen did have a child born out of a wedlock with Sandra Hawke by the name of Connor Hawke. And Connor become the second generation of Arrow. On the current series it’s Samantha Clayton giving birth to William Clayton. I’m not sure where the series will take this relationship into. I might even speculate the graveyard Oliver Queen was mourning over earlier in the season was going to be Samantha. The discovery of Oliver’s son and the big fight between Oliver and Felicity over the secret son he kept from her were as much as Arrowcentric as this episode goes. For once the flashback only related to Vandal Savage, Kendra(priestess) and Carter(prince) back in the Egyptian days. That flashback was needed for Hawkgirl to remember the crucial element that could finally defeat the immortal that has killed them over and over across the time span.

The show started with the Flash ghosting. ( A term use when our super hero ran parallel to himself on an alternate time line). He was on his way to meet up with Arrow and Ra’s al Ghul to suss out Vandal’s demand. Essentially Vandal Savage only wanted to have the two birds handing over to him or everyone will die. As we witness later, it was a horrible scene liken to those nuclear explosion footage we’ve seen in a documentary. Every characters and buildings get annihilated as we see The Flash being chased by the powerful wave emit from the staff of Vandal Savage. There’s no better time to scream Run! Barry! Run! Thank heaven we live in the multi timeline of comic universe. The ghosting The Flash experienced earlier came in handy and reset the final confrontation between our super heroes and Vandal Savage. Flarrow managed to turn the staff against Vandal Savage and turn him into a pile of dust. Can immortal be kill? These super heroes never learn about finishing a job. They just left the pile of dust in the warehouse. In came Ra’s al Ghul scooping a handful into an ancient looking box . You owe me one buddy says the leader of the League of the Assassins. Who knows? There was not a convenience store to be found at Nanda Parbat that sells cat litter this late of the hours. With that, the show is taking a Christmas break.

I have to say despite this being on the Arrow, both Barry Allen and Cisco got the best lines to make it seems like a two parter for The Flash and not a cross over between the two shows. While Stephen Armell get to stretch his acting muscles over the bit of his relationships and newly discovered son, the need to keep that as some sort of a secret from Felicity seems to overplay an insignificant issue in my opinion. There’s one scene I absolutely have to mention. During the first time line in the warehouse as Vandal Savage did his villain speech to team Flarrow and Ra’s Al Ghul, Barry Allen retorted with “Did you rehearse that speech in the mirror this morning, or is this all off-the-cuff?” As the camera pull away from him leaving him in the background, he still got that smug smile mighty please with himself look. Talk about character commitment. Good for the director not to cut off that bit. So what you guys think about the episode?




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  • Flash

    Love it! Like seeing the history of the DC heroes and villains

  • Terry Ein Kong

    What a clever commentary

  • E

    I can’t read this because I don’t have cable and won’t see Arrow until Netflix. But welcome, Bambino!

    • bambinoitaliano

      Thanks E!

  • Soolitas Calletaeransi

    So love this show. Treasure this show so much.

  • Cammie Chan Mei Mei

    I love Flash. He is so handsome

    • bambinoitaliano

      Grant Gustin doing such a great job with the character it will be very interesting to see how Ezra Miller fair in the movie version of The Flash.

    • Betty Leong

      Hey Kammie. Didn’t go to school today stomach ache. You got notes and homework I can borrow?

  • Kam-kam

    Of course Betty. Call me