Arrow Recap- Dark Waters. Spoiler Alert!

This should wrap up all the comic super heroes series heading for the Christmas break.

Previously Team Arrow and Team Flash saved the Hawkman and Hawkgirl, turning their pursuer Vandal Savage into powder dust. Oliver Queen get to reconnect with his new found son William Clayton at Central City. The show open with Oliver Queen crossing his arms looking smug while a bunch of Star City citizens volunteer their Christmas holidays to pick up garbage and cleaning up the city. Thea and his campaign manager telling him his approving rating just went up 1o points. He doesn’t even have to move a finger. At least he is not calling to ban all Muslims coming into the city. Too soon?


Suddenly out of nowhere a drone helicopter start shooting randomly. Thank heaven Felicity was there with her Playbook managed to disable the helicopter to save the day. Team Arrow immediately blame H.I.V.E -Damien Darhk. Oliver urged Diggle to have a go with his brother Andy currently imprisoned in Arrow Cave. He needed Diggle to extract any information he can about Damien Darhk and HIVE not the least his hiding place.  Meanwhile Oliver Queen is wasting no time calling out Damien and his organization in front of the media. So what does Damien Darhk do in response? He and his goons waltzed into a Christmas party hosted by the future mayor shooting up the place and have Diggle, Felicity, Thea kidnap in front of the guests.  That leaves Oliver, Sara and Captain Lance trying to come up with a plan to search and rescue. But they need to locate Hive first. As per usual Ra’s al Ghul emerge from the background in Arrow Cave with a special encrypted HIVE phone for Oliver. At this rate, John Borrowman is reduce to a walk on stagehand. Damien was too happy to meet up with Oliver show him to his head quarter( Alternatively, he could have taken Olivia with him when he kidnapped the others earlier). He is not playing nice at all. He wasted no time putting the three hostages inside a gas chamber in front of Oliver Queen. Fortunately, Black Canary and Ra’s al Ghul dressed as Arrow show up in time to help with the escape. I was kind of disappointed that Ra’s al Ghul was not even a close match with Damien Darhk. It takes Oliver and him to stall Damien long enough for the escape. Oliver Queen secret identity is save from Damien Darhk for the time being. But he is not done with Oliver Queen yet.


While everyone take a breather narrowly escape from Damien Darhk, Oliver Queen and his entourage continue their plan to attend a  tree lighting ceremony. In front of everyone Oliver Queen propose to Felicity. Wait! What? Didn’t the two got married at the beginning of the season? Was I watching the show in Earth -3? As the lovely couple depart the site like a newly wed in their limo heading for their honeymoon, we see a few vehicles approaching in all directions boxing Ollicity in. The armies of HIVE got out of their vehicles and start spraying into our beloved couple’s vehicle. Oliver Queen managed to steer the car out of the danger zone to find Felicity shot and unresponsive. In contrast we the scene jump to Damien Darhk reaching home lovingly embracing his daughter and wife in a Christmas gathering scenario as the Little Drummer Boy played in the background fade to black.


At the beginning of the show there was a racap of a scene where Oliver Queen was mourning someone. Are we to assume the obvious that it is Felicity he is mourning? Would the show kill off a major character in the middle of the season as a dare? Note that we no longer has Lazarus Pit to revive any dead characters. But this is comic universe anything is possible. We’ll just have to wait till February to find out.


As a mid season finale I’m a bit underwhelm by this episode. While I love the intensity of Damien Darhk no hold barred lashed out against Team Arrow, the rest of the subplot including the flashback feels like filler and distraction that diluted the very intense confrontation between Damien Darhk and Team Arrow. What is your thought on tonight’s episode?


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  • veeru789

    I’m still waiting for these shows to pop up on popcorn time 🙁

  • Bambinoitaliano

    Yikes! You better not read my spoiler. Not even a peek at the screen caps.

    • veeru789

      Yup didn’t read it. But couldn’t help looking at the screen shots 🙂