Arnold’s Back in Aftermath! Watch the Official Trailer Here

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to the big screen in Aftermath

A blockbuster action movie career cut short by a political career. There’s a movie pitch for you. It’s of course the story of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’m surprised he hasn’t optioned that. Of course, once his time as Governor of California came to an end, he came back to movies. While his appearance in the last Terminator was enjoyable, it’s just not the Arnold I remember. He’s definitely not the Arnold I remember in the trailer for Aftermath either. And I’m glad.

Let’s face it, there’s been a lot of years between Arnold’s heyday and now. Movie magic can do wonders (yeah, I’m talking about Terminator again), but the fact is, Arnold just isn’t the man he used to be. He can continue to chase those days of yore (yeah, he’s supposed to be doing a new Conan… ugh) or he can move on to bigger and better things. One of those things he has done has been to host the new Apprentice television series. Yeah, I admit it, I’m watching it. I love the Apprentice. It’s been one of my favorite shows for years. Can I just say, Arnold may not have been the right choice to lead this? Can we get someone new next year?

Instead, Arnold should be focusing on doing other things, perhaps more like this Aftermath movie. This preview looks GOOD! I mean, really good!

Arnold plays a construction foreman who’s family is killed in a devastating plane crash. In the trailer we get to see the airline bean-counters explaining the payoff for his family’s death. But we also get to see Arnold’s quest for an apology from the air traffic controller that was responsible for the crash.

The trailer tells us this is based on a true story, so I’m not expecting Arnold to be unloading a can of whoop ass on the air traffic controller, but from the trailer, it sure looks like it could happen. I’m looking forward to this movie, and that’s something I didn’t think I’d be saying about an Arnold movie again.

Aftermath stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Scoot McNairy and Maggie Grace, and will arrive in theaters April 7th.