Annabelle: Creation Receives a New Trailer

Annabelle 2 gets a new trailer and a new title.

We saw the first trailer for the second Annabelle trailer back in September of last year. Here we are 7 months later, and still no movie… but hey, at least there’s a new trailer. And a new title. Say hello to Annabelle: Creation.

If you’re been following The Conjuring series of movies (I have!) the you already know who Annabelle is. Annabelle is the creepy possessed doll which now resides in a glass box in the Warren’s Occult Museum. Of course, the actual doll is a not to threatening looking Raggedy Ann doll. The movie version is far creepier. And what else is creepier than a possessed doll? Well, clowns. Clowns are creepier. And puppets. Puppets are way creepy. Of course, demon children are too. Ok, maybe dolls aren’t that creepy. But this one is by far the creepiest. Well, Chucky wasn’t exactly a good buddy was he. Oh well….

The original Annabelle was of course a prequel to the conjuring. Annabelle: Creation is a prequel to the prequel. Well, that’s awkward.

Ok, there’s a bit that’s just strange about this movie. There’s really a lot that should be warning me off of watching it. But every other movie of the series has been extremely entertaining, and I’m willing to take a gamble again.

You can watch the newest trailer below, will you be heading to the theater to watch it?