American Horror Story Teasers

American Horror Story returns September 14th.

FX has released a group of creepy teasers for the upcoming sixth season of American Horror Story. They remind me something from that video from The Ring ( Ringu for you purist), all I am waiting for is a phone call and a voice saying” seven days”.

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The series returns this month August 21st to scare the hell out of everyone. Speaking of scaring the beejeezus out of everyone Lady Gaga returns to the series( I joke) .


Last season Lady Gaga played the head vampire in America Horror Story Hotel. No reports if Kathy Bates or Angela Basset will return to the show. For those who don’t know, the cast from the previous usually returns in a different role. Think of it as a community theater group trying to scare the hell out of you.

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The story of what the sixth season was going to be about was rumored to be many things and the teasers play into that into it. Many ideas have been discussed on fan forums dealing with UFO’S to Slenderman.

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The latest rumor has to do with an American legend of an entire colonial town that disappeared. The North Carolina town of Roanoke where a total of 115 colonists came up missing to never been seen again. The year was 1590 and it is one of America’s most famous unsolved mysteries. The only clue was the word Croatoan scratched into a tree. The word refers to an island on the outer banks of North Carolina. There has been many theories to the missing colonists. Ranging from alien abduction, to Indian raid, to a mass slaughter.

If this is what the sixth season will be about FX will do it’s best to give you nightmares.



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