American Horror Story Season 6 Promo

Fox has released a new promo for American Horror Story Season 6. What is it?

American Horror Story is different from every other show you see on TV. Every season on American Horror Story is a completely different story, from beginning to end. Many of the same actors return season after season to play different characters in different stories. The series really feels like more of a community theater production, except for typically great special effects and top of the line production.

American Horror Stories method of telling these very different stories season after season leaves the viewer wondering what next? We can’t just expect that the next season will be a continuation of the last. It won’t be. Fox’s new promo plays on this.

In the above trailer we see artistic representations of the seasons that have come before, along with teases of what is coming next. Of course with this abstract video, these teases can mean anything. Just looking at the emblem utilized by Fox, a question mark in front of the number 6, we can see that Fox is teasing the viewer.

The bastards.

Here’s hoping for a great season ahead. And can we please just forget the hotel ever happened?

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