American Horror Story New Promo

American Horror Story has released yet another promo for it’s upcoming season 6. WTF are they doing?

What is American Horror Story doing? I don’t know. No one knows. They probably don’t know.

Prior promos have artistically called back to past seasons. This makes sense. This helps get the viewer excited over what could be next, without giving away what that next will be. Now it seems that AHS is borrowing from horror that came before it.

In the above promo we see odd children sitting in a cornfield at school desks. Is this an ode to Children of the Corn? One of those movies that was ripped from a Stephen King short story that left us all wishing someone would actually make a Stephen King movie as he wrote it?

It’s an odd strategy from AHS. It feels as though they are attempting to plant themselves in the history of horror. And I’m not so sure that they’ve earned it.If you really want to see something that has earned it’s place in the hallowed halls of horror, I have a suggestion that has to do with children and cornfields. Twilight Zone’s “It’s a Good Life” starring a young Bill Mumy. Now that is horror you’ll never forget.