“It’s Already Here” Justice League Official Trailer

It’s the trailer we’ve been waiting for. Will the Justice League make up for Batman v Superman?

After a series of quick teases, we finally get the official trailer for the upcoming Justice League movie.

For those of us that not so fondly remember Batman v Superman, we remember an amazing first trailer. A trailer that got the heart pounding. Only to be left with a lackluster movie that left this viewer quite literally angry as I left the theater.

Really? Martha? Come on DC. I’ve actually watched that movie again after the first viewing. Twice. I felt that I had to give it a real chance. I think I did. I can now say with no doubt in my mind, that movie blows.

So what of the Justice League? Well, the trailer just isn’t as exciting to me. For many DC fans, seeing their favorite heroes portrayed in real life will be huge! But we’re already seeing many DC heroes portrayed in live action on television, and that is being done very well. Very well indeed. So that initial happiness of seeing a live action DC hero won’t be enough.

Personally, I think I’m going to have a hard time separating myself enough to consider this movie version of the Flash from the television version. I really wish they would have just grabbed the actor from the TV show to play Flash in the movie. Yeah, yeah, I know. That’s a television actor. These are movie actors. Well, I feel comfortable in saying the TV version of the Flash easily outperformed the movie version of the Batman or the guy dressed like Superman.

So let’s look at the actual trailer. It’s made up of slightly more than the teasers we’ve already seen. *yawn*

This time we get to see them fighting some enemies. And it doesn’t seem like it’s taking much effort. *yawn*

The Flash suit looks weird. Cyborg looks weird. Batman is wearing sunglasses. I have a feeling Aquaman is going to say “dude” at some point. *yawn*

Wait… was that a joke? Did Ben Affleck just admit that Batman’s superpower is that he’s rich? Ok…. humor! That bodes well!

And then, Wonder Woman. There she is, being true to character again. Dropping in to lead into the battle and looking quite excited about it.

I’ve said it before. I’ve never cared for the Wonder Woman comic book character. Haven’t really cared for any iteration of the character. But in Batman v Superman, she was the one redeeming part of the movie. The only part of the movie that was true to character, and done oh so well. And from the preview, it looks like she’ll be playing that role again. Let’s hope the character not only leads the League into battle, but leads the movie into something much better than the last time we saw her.

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