Adam West and Burt Ward Announce Animated 60s Film!

Adam West and Burt Ward
Adam West and Burt Ward

How many of you remember the ultra campy version of Batman and Robin Adam West and Burt Ward portrayed in the 60s? As the years dragged on a reappearance by these two seemed evermore unlikely. At 86 years, it seems nearly impossible.

However fans may get their dream after all, though not in the way they expected. Adam and Burt attended a convention called Mad Monster Party in which they were interviewed about their time spent as as Batman and Robin respectively. During this interview, they revealed they’d be returning to tights. Before you lose your lunch, it’ll be in animated film. See it below:

This is not the first time Adam West and Burt Ward team up in animated form. They’ve done so before on the Simpsons and Futurama. Adam West appeared by himself on Family Guy.

The Simpsons (Fox)
The Simpsons
See a snippet of it below:

  • james pisano

    That’s cool. I guess they still have fans that turn out to see them. I’m really glad to hear that. It was uber campy, but at the time, it was cool. I know that’s hard to believe, but that’s what my older brother told me.