World of Warcraft’s Tribute to Robin Williams

WoW's Tribute
WoW’s Tribute

For weeks world of Warcraft players had been speculating and searching for WoW’s tribute to Robin Williams after the game maker Blizzard promised to honor the actor in-game. Gamers discovered the tribute when a user named Haldhur posted an image of it and shared the coordinates on the enormous in-game world map.

The tribute turned out to be an Aladdin quoting genie. A blue genie, named “Robin,” rises from an “Ever-Burning Lamp” when players interact with the object. Then, the genie quotes one of the most memorable lines from the film “Aladdin’s” Williams-voiced genie character in the 1994 film: “INFINITE COSMIC POWER!” he says, before waving, shrinking and adding, “itty-bitty living space.” According to Alexis Kusy, gamers have been visiting the statue in “droves” to pay homage to the beloved actor. Users were bowing and saluting the statue through their avatars. Gamers have left comments on the World of Warcraft page vowing to visit the statue weekly.

Robin Wlliams was an avid gamer, his daughter Zelda is named after a video game character, therefore Blizzard (WoW developer) decided to pay tribute to the actor. According to game developer, Williams was “one of us.”

(PhotoCredit: World of Warcraft)