Wii U, Your Time is Over, Did it Ever Begin

Nintendo pulls the plug on the Wii U just as their new console is ready to roll out.

Remember all the excitement about the Nintendo Wii U when it was new? I don’t either. The Wii U was a whole new in gaming, with a second screen within the controller. I do remember the guesses of what it would be when it rolled out, and then it rolled out, and just didn’t catch people’s interest. At least not in the way prior Nintendo consoles have.

Now, Nintendo has confirmed that it’s the end of the road for the Wii U. Prior Nintendo consoles continued to be sold after their new consoles were released. This won’t be the case for the Wii U, who’s life is being cut short before the arrival of the upcoming Switch. Why cut it short? More than likely, sales figures.

The Wii U hit the market in November of 2012. Here we are over four years later and Nintendo has seen 13.56 million units sold. That seems an impressive number until you realize that the original Wii sold 101 million units sold.

If you’ve been wanting to pick up a Wii U, your time is now limited, as no more will be produced. For now. Who knows, in 20 years, there may be a retro mini-version that people can’t get their hands on.