Watch this Goku Toy Go Super Sayian Right Before Your Eyes


ZW have designed an incredibly realistic looking holographic display. We could tell you all the technical details behind it but we don’t want to bore you (that and I’m not even remotely aware of how this works) but as the old adage says: seeing is believing.

ZW Design have creatively used a plain and simple plastic Son Goku toy to show case everything the holographic design is capable of. The toy is a simple plastic toy, the trick is in the display around it. Using it, they were able to simulate Goku going, to what my DBZ trained eye indetifies as, Super Saiyan 2 and charging up a Kamehameha. Although, clearly, whoever made this video didn’t watch much Dragon Ball Z as it would’ve taken Goku at LEAST four episodes just to go Super Saiyan and another four to charge the Kamehameha (DBZ fans will understand).

Watch the video below: