Warning: Don’t Skin Your Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch does not like stickers.

People like skins. You know, those die-cut stickers you put on your equipment which ads fun colors, designs, and protection? Well, if you’re the new owner of the Nintendo Switch, I wouldn’t plan on skinning it.

Popular accessory maker Dbrand already had pre-orders set up for skins for the new Nintendo Switch, and people were ordering. And then Dbrand got their hands on a device, and tried their skins. It didn’t work out so well.

“After removing the skin, it was obvious that the coating on the JoyCons do not play well with any kind of adhesive” Dbrand tweeted out.

In fact, from the image provided by Dbrand, the JoyCons suffered some serious etching from the stickers.

Dbrand has decided to refund all preorders fro the Switch skins and are suggesting users do not use any skins on their devices.

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