Unlock Halo 5 Beta Rewards by Watching Halo: Nightfall


Halo 5 beta will be available to download on December 29 and will run through January 18. However if you want the full beta experience you will need to watch Riddley’s Scott live action Halo: Nightfall series. Not only will Nightfall lead straight into Halo 5, it will also unlock content in beta.

In an interview, producer Kiki Wolfkill mentioned:

” “We will go into more specifics a little later down the road, but we definitely want [Halo 5 beta] rewards to feel meaningful for the player. So it’s not just art [things].”

Whether this is bad news will depend entirely on your interest on the Nightfall series. However, if you’re picking up the Halo 5 beta you more than likely are a big Halo fan and thus watching the Nightfall series won’t be a burden at all.

Also, to obtain access to the beta you will need to buy Halo: The Masterchief Collection. This is very shrewd planning from 343 Industries as it will encourage fans to buy and watch all series and video games.