Trailer Released for Friday The 13th: The Game

The upcoming video game attempts to capture the 80’s feel of the original Friday the 13th.

No one has murdered as many camping teens as gruesomely as Jason Voorhees. The upcoming Friday the 13th: The Game will be adding to that body count, and to the gore.

The original Friday the 13th movie was released in 1980, and the newly released trailer for the upcoming game attempts to capture that feel with a few tricks that appear to be learned from the Netflix series Stranger Things.

Opening with an intro that any child of the 80’s will remember all too well. From the 80’s look of the intro screens to the cheesy hair band soundtrack, you may just be transported back to a kinder time. If that kinder time was watching a giant in a hockey mask murder campers in some very creative ways.

Warning, if the thought of computer generated characters being hacked, speared, stabbed, and stepped on disturbs you, don’t watch the preview below.

You can pre-order Friday the 13th: The Game here for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and it should be arriving this October.

Friday the 13th Game