There’s a New Fidget Widget on Kickstarter

Fidget devices are quite popular now. Here’s a new take.

I admit it. I love my Fidget Cube. The Fidget Cube was the first fidget device I had seen. Six sides with multiple little activities to keep fidgeters happy. And you want to know what? It works. I assumed I would have a favorite side and a favorite activity. I’ve noticed instead that I tend to stick to one side throughout the day, and switch to another side the next day. Thank you Fidget Cube. Now there’s a new device called the Fidget Widget.

First of all, the name is great. Come on! Fidget Widget? How has no one taken that name already? And this is no cube. This product looks more like a small video game pad. I imagine this one will invite two handed use for those extreme fidgeters out there.

Realistically, it’s a much more attractive device than my beloved Fidget Cube, and yet it has many of the same things that you’ll find on the cube. From the spinning activity, to a round switch as opposed to the rectangular switch on the cube. It’s the buttons and the joystick that really make the widget look like a game pad. It also has a what appears to be a spring loaded slider on the side that the cube doesn’t have, yet it’s missing the oh so satisfying ball bearing from the cube.

Yeah, I would really like to give this little toy a try. It looks great compared to the cube, and yet the cube fits so nicely in the hand. If you’re interested in pledging on the Kickstarter just head here. A $23 dollar pledge will get you the Fidget Widget, provided they meet their Kickstarter goal.