The Dark Knight Trilogy – Tumbler (Deluxe pack)

I think most of us have dreamt of driving the Tumbler. While that probably won’t ever happen for most of us, Soap Studios has released a high end RC Controlled Tumbler. This is no toy, as it will set you back approximately $650 dollars, has twenty six points of articulation and can even shoot video and snap pictures (among other things). Watch the promo video below:

Product Description:

Our Tumbler is fully controlled by the most advanced mobile app which capable to not only making the car run but also cockpit and spoiler movements, 16 super bright LEDs, Power-Jet mode plus special engine sound and visual effects, night vision camera for video and photo shooting,voice intercom, a 1:12 Batman which features 26 points of articulations, remote control LED display platform…etc. As a collective item or simply a playing toy,the Tumbler also reaches the highest degree of product furnishing.

– 23 extra bright LED light
– App controlled open/close cockpit, forward, backward, left and right turn…
– Jet Power mode: Boost-up speed by 30% with light and sound effect
– App controlled spoilers
– High Quality Camera for photo snap and video recording with 85nm Night Vision LED
– Voice intercom function
– Master-grade finishing

1:12 Batman Begins Figure
– 36 points of articulation
– 4 pairs of extra hands and weapons

A special designed display theatre charger
– LED lights and remote control on/off
– Power cable concealed in the Ditch cover
– “Neo Sensor”remote control

Purchase the RC Tumbler here.