Rock Band 4, Coming to Parties Near You Soon!


Rock Band was the one video game that was ok to play at parties. Even non-gamers that looked at game controllers with fear, would happily pick up that string-less guitar or rush to grab the drum sticks. There were even stories of bars that did away with live bands in exchange for a rockband setup that allowed patrons to be the cover band.

And it’s returning!

Rock Band 4 is in the works. And it sounds like there will be some great new mystery aspects included. But what of the old? What of our old equipment and libraries of music? Great news! The creators of the game, Harmonix, are working to allow us users to use our old hardware, and bring our purchased music libraries with us in to the new game.

Watch below for a behind the scenes of Harmonix on the creation of Rock Band 4!

  • undbiter65

    Omg! FINALLY!!! Rockband was one of the best games ever