Relive Amiga Gaming with the Internet Archive

Go back in time with 10,000 Amiga games added to Internet Archive

It was the mid 80’s. The personal computer was still something new. Not many had them, and they really couldn’t do much. Then Commodore released the Amiga.

The Amiga line of personal computers took the home computer to a new level. It had amazing (for it’s time) capabilities. The sounds were amazing (for it’s time). The graphics were amazing (for it’s time). And many of us (during this time) sat jealous and Amiga-less while our amigos played at home on their Amiga.

The Amiga became the gaming computer. With the aforementioned graphics, games looked great! With it’s aforementioned sounds, games sounded great! It was awesome.

I got to play with one once.

For those that missed out, or just miss the fun, it can be experienced again. The Internet Archive has added 10,000 Amiga games to it’s collection. That’s 10,000 Amiga games you can play for free, right in your computer’s browsers.

There’s no denying these games are dated. I’m sure most of today’s gamers would fall down laughing that these were what many of us grew up with. But those of us that remember. We know. We know just how cool these games were. And how cool they made us.

Today’s gamers can just get off my lawn!

To play Amiga games now, just head here

Amiga Internet Archive


  • Canuckvoip

    I still have my tricked out Amiga 4000. Wonderful OS.

    • Brad

      Really?! That’s awesome!