Pokémon Go Plus To Arrive Next Week

Postponed since July, the wearable to help you catch them all is on it’s way.

Pokémon Go players always seem to have their face in their phone. Afraid that they might miss something within the game, some have become a bit of a bother to others. Some have even become a danger to themselves. Here comes a wearable which might just make the Pokéworld a little safer. The Pokémon Go Plus.

The Pokémon Go Plus is an odd looking little gadget which can be worn as a watch. Connected to the users phone through Bluetooth, the device will alert the user about events in the game.

The device does this by vibrating and flashing a light. The user can then push poke the button to complete actions. The device will retail for $34.99 and arrives September 16th.

Does anyone want to bet that these will sale better than the new Apple watch?

Pokémon Go