Nintendo nX Leaked – A Versatile Console

Nintendo nX Leaked – A Versatile Console

Nintendo has been keeping their up and coming device, Nintendo nx, very close to heart . Very little is known about the future device.

Leaked on Twitter today (6th of September 2016) by user @guythefighter is the supposed device.

 Nintendo nX

While many are calling fake as ‘the screen simply cannot fold into the sides like that’, I on the other hand think this could be a real render. As seen in earlier images from this year, the screen may be detachable (rather than folding into itself).

Perhaps this could allow the device to become a controller for a more static console. This would allow the nX to combine Wii and DS families and become a very versatile console. I guess we won’t know until Nintendo releases more information about this exciting device. Perhaps we will learn more at the Tokyo Game Show, which starts on September 15th.

Recent reports have stated that Nintendo have opted to use cartridges instead of Discs. Bringing back cartridges will surely help to further differentiate them from juggernauts Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For now, without any cold hard evidence coming from Nintendo themselves, it’s all just speculation. Share your thoughts in the comments below.