Nintendo Announces New Handheld 2DS XL

Nintendo has more than just the Switch up it’s sleeves.

Nintendo has announced a new handheld console heading our way. The stylish new Nintendo 2DS XL will be heading out to stores, and into out pockets, on July 28th, along with two new game releases for the Nintendo 3DS systems,

Retailing for $149.99 the new system “offers a great balance between price and performance”, promises Nintendo of America President and COO, Reggie Fils-Aime.

The new system will at first come in black/turquoise color, and have the same screen size of the Nintendo 3DS XL systems, however this platform will be in 2D only. No headache inducing 3D images here! It is also lighter than the new Nintendo 3DS yet still packs the same internals, as well as built in NFC support for use with amiibo cards and figures. It will have no problem playing the 3DS games, just in 2D of course.

As for the two new games being released?

Hey! PIKMIN: In this brand-new style of Pikmin game, players guide Captain Olimar through 2D side-scrolling levels and collect Sparklium to refuel his crashed ship, the S.S. Dolphin 2, so he can escape the planet. The touch-screen controls let players choose the right Pikmin to toss at enemies and objects, which is critical to defeating foes and solving the many puzzles Olimar encounters during his adventure.

Miitopia: Band together with your Mii and Mii friends to explore your own personalized world of Miitopia. Cast Mii characters into various roles and watch hilarious scenes unfold as they work together to defeat the Dark Lord who has stolen the faces of townspeople of Miitopia. Players can bring in their created Mii characters from the Miitomo or Tomodachi Life games, or create their own Mii team in the game. This game has a lighthearted tone with traditional and strategic RPG-like elements, including customization, relationship building and team management.

Look for the new 2DS XL July 28th.


source: Nintendo