Nintendo 3DS Will Continue to Live On

With the Nintendo Switch coming, the 3DS isn’t quite dead yet.

With the coming of the Switch, and Nintendo’s foray into mobile phone gaming Nintendo has killed off the Wii U. Nintendo has pledged that the 3DS will continue to live on with continued support and new games at least until 2018.

While the Switch will provide a more premium handheld gaming experience, Nintendo still see’s a home for the 3DS. Director at Nintendo and General Manager of Planning and Entertainment, Shinya Takahashi states “Certainly I think 3DS from a price perspective is quite a bit lower, and it’s a system we’ve released a very large library for. So I think from that perspective it’s a very good system for kids to have as their first system.”

What’s this? Could Nintendo be looking at the handheld device as a gateway drug for gamers?

“The hope there also is that kids playing on 3DS will also shift over to Switch at some point in the future”

Why yes. It appears that’s exactly what they have intended. Well, there are a lot worse things out there for kids to get addicted to. Congrats to the 3DS that gets to live on another day.