Still Looking for Nintendo Switch? April 9th Might be the Day

Many shoppers are still trying to get their hands on a Nintendo Switch, Sunday might just be the day.

Nintendo is having a good year. They just can’t seem to keep up with demand. First, the plug and play Nintendo NES Classic Edition proved to be the toy to have this last Christmas, leaving many still wanting after the holiday. Now it’s the Nintendo Switch that is hogging all the glory.

It’s been a ever repeating story of retailers getting devices, and then selling out. Leaving many potential buyers scouring other retailers for information about upcoming shipments. Well, there’s word that a major retailer will be getting a new shipment April 9th.

Gamespot let it be known that Toys Toys ‘R Us will obtain limited quantities of the popular device April 9th. It is unknown how many units each stores will get. If you’re planning on picking one up, it might be a good bet to be there when the store opens.