Help Bring More Women to STEM Fields with Lego

There is a new proposal to Lego afoot to bring a new playset the toy line.

The proposal is to bring the set “Women of NASA” to reality. While the set doesn’t seem to be one that would be top on the list of chidren’s wish lists, (the sets actually look quite boring) MIT News deputy editor Maia Weinstock has proposed the line for a dual purpose.

One purpose is the inequality of Lego characters that are female. More importantly, Weinstock wishes to address the lack of female’s in STEM fields. STEM fields being fields involving science, technology, engineering or mathematics. You know, the exciting fields. It seems that only 24% of workers in STEM fields are female, while 48% of the US workforce are women.

The proposal needs 10,000 signatures before Lego will consider it, and it is well on it’s way to meeting that line in the sand.

Will we see this playset? Probably. Will it sell? I don’t imagine so. While it appears to be for a noble cause, I stand by my original assumption that the playsets just look boring.

Perhaps this dual prong approach isn’t the way to go? I’d suggest perhaps marketing science related toys to girls. They’re already out there, how about we find a toy company that will push these toys to girls? Seems like a good idea.

Now, about female Lego? I’m all for it. For a set that will sell and would be fun, perhaps a Women of The Walking Dead playset might be in order. I for one would buy that!

To support the proposal for the Women of NASA playset, click here