Hasbro possibly to lose GI Joe

It looks as if Hasbro has the chance (albeit uncertain) to lose G.I. Joe! It looks as if a couple of people are taking Hasbro to court, looking to recover ownership of one of my favorite childhood toys: G.I. Joe. Valued at over $100 million dollars, G.I. Joe would put a dent in Hasbro’s toy sales.

Attorney Bert Fields, is representing Stanley Weston, who “created the original idea of manufacturing and selling male action figures wearing and carrying miniaturized versions of the uniforms, insignias, emblems and equipment of each of the different branches of the United States armed forces.’

A termination notice was given to Hasbro, who bought the rights to “G.I. Joe” from a previous owner. He’s looking to take advantage of a mid-1970’s change in copyright law, which gives authors or their heirs, the opportunity to regain rights to work after 35 years. The copyright law has been used in the music industry and worked.

Who knows, maybe if Mr. Weston gets the rights back to G.I. Joe, he could help make a better G.I. Joe movie… Do you think Mr. Weston has a case against Hasbro?

You can see the full complaint by CLICKING HERE

Source: The Hollywood Reporter