Halo 5 Guardians (plus a few others )-Now Available for Preorder!

Pre-Order Page
Pre-Order Page

I’ve been waiting for this!  Halo, in my household, is one of the top must-haves. Maybe more so for me than for the #1 gamer in my house, but that’s ok. It gets played nonetheless.  So imagine how excited I was to receive this in my e-mail yesterday!  And yes, I dropped everything to preorder it!  Now, I just have to wait until the end of October to get it (sigh).

A few additional notes to mention:

When you preorder, you will receive a $10 gift card code.  You will not be charged until the game actually ships.

There are several other titles that also are available for preorder: Batman, Arkham Knight, Forza 6, and Mirror’s Edge 2 just to name a few.  For more information, check out the Microsoft Store. And happy gaming!