Feed me!

Microsoft has agreed a deal with Dominoes Pizza which allows gamers to order takeaways by simply shouting ‘feed me’ at their Xbox One Screen.
Thanks to the Kinect voice and motion sensor gamers can have a pizza menu pop up without having to even pause the game. From there, they can use their remote, or even hand gestures to choose toppings and sides.

The nearest Dominoes parlour registers the order and the order can even be tracked on screen so gamers know just when to tear themselves away from the screen. Simon Wallis, of Domino’s Pizza UK, said:

“We love gamers and gamers love pizza. It’s the ultimate game fuel. We can’t wait for people to start using the app.”

This agreement applies to the UK, but Microsoft has a similar deal with Pizza Hut in the US.
Although an incredibly ingenious idea, as online gaming can’t be paused, many health advocates are criticizing the concept as obesity is ever increasing in both the UK and the US. What are your thoughts?